In today's business world, tools get updated and out of date. Knowledge transcends time. When technologies and processes are implemented in a comprehensive way, they help improve productivity and reduce costs, driving those more creative businesses and generating new opportunities for future-proof growth. This is what we call: Applied Digital Intelligence.
The future of Digital Intelligence promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is bolstered by speed and precision.

Marketing & Business Strategy

We help our clients design clear and feasible competitive agility projects, providing them with new perspectives on business and technology.

  • - Customer Research
  • - Digital Strategy
  • - Innovation & Insights
  • - Data Analytics
  • - Digital Roadmap
  • - Research, Analytics & Insight

Data Marketing Analysis

We research, collect, and translate data into actions that make business or strategic sense. From the simplest click to highly complex electronic business transactions.

  • - Analysis of data.
  • - Virtual shops and ecommerce
  • - heat maps
  • - A / B test
  • - Conversions
  • - Analytics

Innovation, Transformation and Applied Digital Intelligence (ITADI)

ITADI is the way in which DANKA uses MKT digital strategies to innovate and transform scenarios in its clients' businesses. With the power of e-commerce web platform, data analysis, and design, we improve performance and we make operations more efficient and optimized.

  • - web development
  • - e-commerce development
  • - Process automation
  • - Web integrations
  • - Intelligent identification of improvements

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